The Book of Drakara


The Palace

"Oh Gods, I should have become a monk, it can't be that bad to vow celibacy! “He mutters to himself as he pauses at the kitchen entrance. Finding it empty, he grabs a bun off the counter and stuffing it into his mouth, as he looks out the kitchen door eyeing the moonlit courtyard. A brief glance shows no one and the stable doors partly open for the summer breeze. Quietly he moves towards the doors, his eyes and ears straining for movements or sounds, far distant he can hear a guard call the nine bells watch. Jaral slowly slips into the stable, stepping to one side to not make himself an unwitting target as he hears only the sounds of a horse settling in the straw. He makes a soft crooning whistle, smiling as he hears a wicker from the box stall to the far left of the doors. He pulls out a tinderbox deftly lighting the barn lantern and hanging it on a post.

"Ahh, there you are Sable, did you miss me girl?" He steps up to her, stroking her forelock, as she nudges him. His hand reaching into his left pocket for the small bag of dried corn he keeps there for her, chuckling as he finds it empty and she nudges him harder before giving him a reproachful look and pulling her head away to turn her back on him.

"Now Sable, is that anyway to treat an old friend? I bet you have had plenty of corn the last month, probably getting fat on it too!" Jaral opens the stable door, only to yelp and step back in a hurry as she steps on him. "Hey! It was only a joke!" He grumbles as he half hobbles to the tack room, looking for her plain saddle and bridle, grabbing a handful of corn to mollify her from one of the bins he finds there. "Come on girl, we have to go to the keep and meet Maykar, and to the palace after that." Jaral gingerly opens her stall door, hanging the saddle and bridle on it, before stepping up to her holding out the corn. He quickly steps out of the way when he sees her try to step on him again. "Look I'm sorry! See? I even have some corn for you girl."